The Best Way To Get Auto Parts Shipped to You

If you order a lot of auto parts for your DIY projects, you know that metal parts are heavy and shipping can cost a bundle, especially if the parts are oversized. If you are a professional mechanic it’s even more important to come up with a shipping approach that is both fast and affordable. Getting the best auto parts shouldn’t cost a bundle for delivery, nor should you have to drive a long ways to pick them up. An effective strategy to decrease shipping costs isn’t always simple, but it pays to look at your options.

Look for Shipping Deals

A supplier that is serious about gaining your trust and your business knows that reducing shipping costs is important. A premier auto store will offer free shipping from time to time, on both small and large orders. This could come in the form of coupons or special promotions and may be limited to certain orders. Other important promotions and strategies include the following:

  • Next day shipping when time is at a premium
  • Ground shipping when time isn’t an issue
  • A return policy that benefits the purchaser

So whether you are ordering a battery jump starter or an engine block, you should look for a reasonable shipping deal. Sometimes, if your order reaches a certain level, say $35, free shipping may kick in.

Seek Out Great Customer Service

An auto supplier that works with you to reduce shipping costs appreciates your business and puts the customer first. That says a lot. This service to the customer is likely to be woven throughout the business. It means the supplier cares about quality and value. This will likely extend to a reasonable return policy and to the likelihood you will receive the correct parts in the mail. Helpful auto store experts can save you a bundle of trouble and money.

Get your parts shipped to you quickly and correctly the first time. Choose the right auto supplier for your orders.

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