Advances in Clover POS Systems

The digital revolution has taken retail businesses by storm, large and small.  Even the most reluctant companies have no choice but to learn how to navigate a new business landscape.  The fate of retail business holdouts who opt out of the current digital revolution is grim. The digital economy is disrupting industries. These business owners are at a huge risk of being left behind because they are missing a strategy for transforming their business functions.  If you are one of these business leaders lagging behind the digital revolution, toss out your traditional cash register machine and bring on the portable point of sale like the smart Booker POS or Clover POS into the scene!

The New Clover station, a sleek point of sale system from Merchant Account Solutions is an increasingly popular choice for businesses that need the functions and features of a full POS system. The Clover cash register is brushed aluminum with white accents, and a matching tablet display and receipt printer complete the basic POS hardware package.

A Clover POS System is clearly an evolution over the cash register and the old ways of selling. But it is also so much more than that.  You may also track your inventory, automatically create order lists and know all there is to know about your customers and therefore, your business. All the information that you need as a business owner will be at your fingertips and that of every user.

With a Clover POS system, you can easily look up past transactions and see which product is stuck on the shelf for weeks as well as which products are selling the most.  This makes inventory management that easier. Thanks to an accurate sales and purchase orders control, you will know how much you have in stock for each product. You may also categorize the products by name, brand, supplier, supplier code, SKU, color and a multitude of other categorizations.

At the end of the day, a next generation point of sale system like the Clover POS, Booker POS and Cloverflex allow retailers to grow their businesses.   With the right POS system, business owners can manage and control business expenses with greater proficiency and efficiency.

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