When Should You Change Your Motorcycle Tires?

A tyre is one of the most important parts of a bike or any vehicle for that matter. A well-maintained tire ensures longevity, great performance, a smooth ride and most importantly safety. Besides performance, tires also play a huge role in ensuring the rider is not at risk. But like all engine and rubber parts that are prone to wear and tear, the tire too is no exception.

These are the four signs that it’s time to head over to a motorcycle tire shop to have your motorcycle tires changed:

1  Wear

Wear is the most common sign that hints that your tire should no longer be in use. Most tire manufacturers put a Tyre Wear Indicator (TWI) mark on the sidewall of the tire. This sign comes with a triangular arrow that indicates the level of wear after which a tire should not be used further. If the curved surface of the tire wears out up to the TWI mark, then it is time for you to change it.  You can opt for some cheap atv tires or  genuine OEM tires.

2 Uneven tread wear

Many times, a tire may not get worn out completely but that doesn’t mean that it requires no attention. The shape of a tire matters a lot in determining whether it would be suitable for use in future or otherwise. The most common form of uneven wear is the squarish wear of the tire in which the tire gets worn out from the center portion of the tread.

3  Evidence of punctures and cuts

If you have too many punctures or cuts in your tire, it needs to be changed fast  as the damages can make it unfit for future use.

4  Age of the tire

Even if your tire is not worn out and doesn’t have cuts and punctures, another important factor that determines its usability for future is its age. Most tire manufacturers recommend that the tire should not be used for more than five years. If you want to keep the tires in good condition and desire to make them last longer, maintain proper tire pressure and bring them for regular checks.

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