Different Ways Geared Bikes Optimize your Ride

If you live in a hilly area or are a regular in long distance biking in different kinds of terrains or off road, you’ve most likely purchased a geared bike or a 3 speed bicycle. Some bicycles come with up to seven gears.

The advantages of having a geared bike depend on what you want to do with your bike. Geared bikes are perfect for off road, getting around hilly areas, commuting, bike camping and longer road trips. Bikers in hilly cities like Seattle, Rome and Edinburgh need geared bikes to get around comfortably. For people with health issues, a geared bike can mean the difference between cycling or not. Those with physical limitations, heart conditions, bad knees or feet can use the gears to reduce the load on their bodies and are able to enjoy cycling on their geared top comfort bikes where otherwise they may have been excluded from this wonderful activity. With recumbent geared bikes even those with more severe conditions, such as dystonia, can benefit from biking.

When you’re riding a bike, your body can only produce the same amount of energy for so long until it gets drained and your ride slows down. Gears on a bike help you maintain speed and even increase inertia so you can journey efficiently and consistently.

A cruiser bike with gears is a bit different than a mountain bike with gears in terms of design and construction, but the theory behind these 2 bicycles and others is the same. When you ride a bike with gears, you can enjoy sustained energy and output.

The EVRYjourney from SixThreeZero is a 7-speed hybrid waiting to be customized. This city bike that doubles as a cruiser could just earn the title of best women’s bike for riders who need a comfortable bike for urban use. The matching fenders ward off rust and the matching rear attachment leaves room for optional baskets. You’ll sail across bike trails or lanes atop 26-inch wheels with 2-inch tires, and the sleek style stands out on the bike rack. The EVRYjourney is also lightweight, so maneuvering around corners is a breeze.

SixThreeZero offers a wide range of best hybrid bikes, city bikes, geared bikes and more for bikers from every stage. Whether it’s for a kid, a commuter, or a bike aficionado, SixThreeZero is the one-stop place for bike enthusiasts.

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