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Snack on the go at Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties

Do you love spicy foods? It’s been a while when I visited a mall in Taguig. Few weeks ago, there’s a Jamaican joint which offers snacks and refreshing drinks.


I’ve never tried any Jamaican food. When my friend, Fatee and I went to Royal Carribean Jamaican Patties, the joint is brightly lit and I love the interiors. Did you know that in Jamaica, the patty is eaten as a full meal? And it was also pair up with coco bread.

20140925_161209 20140925_161225

I thought it’s an empanada, but when I ate it…the meaty seasoned with vegetable and cheese makes me crave for more…their to-die for Jamaican patties!

We ate Beef Royale, Beef Supreme, and Beef Grenada. Sorry guys, I have to limit eating chicken due to allergic attack, and I ordered beef. Well, I love the selection of menu and it’s affordable.

20140925_161251 20140925_161340 20140925_164929

Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties also have fries, cookies, baked macaroni (I missed it when I found out it was not available that day.), and drinks.

Check out Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties’ Facebook page for the latest promos and updates.

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