Strawberry Melt Sandwich for Your Kids’ Delight

Are your kids tired of the usual sandwich spread and ready-made snacks you find? The supermarket can never supply what a home-made snack will wholeheartedly provide. A slice of tasty is like a plain paper that would not hold interest on any kid as long as it remains plain.

English: Strawberry
English: Strawberry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ready-made spreads become too common, too boring in the long run. They may like it one time or maybe a week or two, yet there will always be that day that they would say, “Mom, is there anything else than that?” When that time comes, most likely, you are one lost individual. Well, don’t fret. Here’s a different and delectable sandwich that your young loves will surely want over and over again! Take it from my friend, Dolly Cabalquinto.


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This delicious sandwich is at the top of my kids’ snack list. It’s fun and easy to make. This recipe is good for one serving. – Dolly




2 slices of Tasty or American Bread


1-2 tsp. butter


1 tbsp. Strawberry jam


1-2 slice(s) Quick melt cheese or cheddar cheese




Oven toaster or Sandwich-maker




  1. On separate slices of bread, spread butter.
  2. Add and spread the strawberry jam on one slice of bread.
  3. Top the jam with slices of cheese.
  4. Cover the layer of cheese with the other slice of bread.
  5. Heat up the toaster or sandwich maker and pop in the sandwich.
  6. Toast bread until cheese has melted and the bread is slightly brown.
  7. Serve hot.

As easy as that! Your kids would definitely ask for your home-made snacks once more!

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