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Delicious Graham Balls from Nothing Bitter

Delicious Graham Balls from Nothing Bitter

Love yummy pastries?

When I started to establish this blog, I've been searching for the best pastries online. Last month, when I stumbled upon Rhadson Mendoza's (also known as Matabang Utak in the Tumblr community) post about his favorite graham balls. I asked him on where did he bought it.


Nothing Bitter started to sell their delicious graham balls online last March this year. It's not your ordinary graham balls!

Upon tasting it last week, feels like I'm in heaven! With uber delectable marshmallow inside the graham balls, even my mom told me that they have the best graham balls in town!

It's affordable for 80 pesos per dozen. I can't get enough eating these graham balls while working at home.


They also have graham balls with cinnamon twist and
graham balls coated with milk chocolate or white chocolate. The owner told me that they will have other flavors soon.

For more information about Nothing Bitter, check out their Facebook page.

Heavenly cupcakes from Chef Ken’s Sweet and Savory Treats

Heavenly cupcakes from Chef Ken’s Sweet and Savory Treats

Several weeks ago, when fellow foodie blogger Kenneth Ignacio of Certified Foodies started his delectable creation, Chef Ken's Sweet and Savory Treats. I was so excited to taste their delightful cupcakes and other scrumptious pastas.

1891162_594778303943102_488071204_aLast March 1, I met Ken and his sister, Mhel for their first meet-up for Chef Ken's. I purchased three boxes of cupcakes (2 assorted and 1 ChocNut) before I went to my meeting at The Podium.

With Ken's passion in cooking gastronomic meals and baking pastries drives him to start his own business.

Even my mom who is Type B diabetic love this Chocnut Cupcake.
Even my mom who has Type B diabetes love this Chocnut Cupcake.

When I took a bite of their cupcakes, I felt like I'm in heaven. My personal favorites are Dulce de Leche, ChocNut, Oreo and Red Velvet flavors. I can't resist to eat these to-die for cupcakes from Chef Ken's.

I'm in heaven when I ate these to-die for Dulce de Leche
I'm in heaven when I ate this to-die for Dulce de Leche


Pinoy old favorite chocolate candy in a cupcake-Chocnut Cupcakes


Aside from their yummy cupcakes, they also have Blueberry Cheesecake, Chicken Crepe Lasagna, Spaghetti with Bolognese sauce and Creamy Carbonara.

chef kens-dulce de leche
Chef Ken's Dulce de Leche...nom nom nom! :)
Your favorite Oreo cookie in a cupcake
Your favorite Oreo cookie in a cupcake


Some of Chef Ken's delectable cupcakes
Some of Chef Ken's delectable cupcakes

Check out Chef Ken's official website and Facebook page for the updated menus, and schedule pick-ups.

*Photos courtesy of Chef Ken's

Crazy over Kalookies

Crazy over Kalookies


This is what I uttered when I took a bite of Triple K: Kit Kat Minis from Kalookies.



Kalookies was founded by Khalil Kaimo, son of journalist and 700 Club Asia's anchor Mari Kaimo. Two years ago, he began baking cookies as a hobby.

His fiancée, Arianna loves cookies. Kaimo's sister-in-law started to order for as a gift for her friends. And with the help of his family and friends, his delectable creations started to spread.


When I ordered a dozen of Triple K: Kit Kat Kalookies via SpeedRegalo, I was excited to taste to-die for cookies.


I love to eat Kit Kat and cookies. And when I found out Kalookies via their Instagram page, I can't get enough of these mouth-watering cookies.

20140227_123702 20140227_123044_7_bestshot

Aside from Triple K: Kit Kat Kalookies, they also have Oreolla, Nicolookie, The Pao Special (which he named after his best friend, Paolo Valenciano asked him to make a cookie with Cadbury), and other yummy treats from Kalookies.

For more information about Kalookies: check out their Facebook page, follow Kalookies on Twitter and Instagram. And for those who want to order, check out SpeedRegalo for your online orders.