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Why do I love to eat Lucky Me Pancit Canton

A lot of my friends kept on asking me on why am I eating Lucky Me Pancit Canton everytime I posted a photo of it on my Instagram account.

Kalurks lang, sa takaw ko nito…nakakaya kong kainin 3-4 Pancit canton

Since I was in second year high school, instead of preparing a sandwich every afternoon…I chose to cook my own Pancit Canton for snack. And it’s become my comfort food while working on my tasks online.

I can still remember staying up late while munching these meal. There are times I mixed it up with plain rice and pandesal.


Pandesal x Pancit Canton = ang takaw ko lang! hehe

My mom bought me a box of Pancit Canton every month when I was in high school.  If I’m lazy enough to cook, everytime I arrived from school, I asked our cook to prepare me 4 pack of canton.

One of my favorite flavors of Lucky Me Pancit Canton is the Sweet and Spicy. I can’t ask for more everytime I buy some of it every week.


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