Several weeks ago, when fellow foodie blogger Kenneth Ignacio of Certified Foodies started his delectable creation, Chef Ken’s Sweet and Savory Treats. I was so excited to taste their delightful cupcakes and other scrumptious pastas.

1891162_594778303943102_488071204_aLast March 1, I met Ken and his sister, Mhel for their first meet-up for Chef Ken’s. I purchased three boxes of cupcakes (2 assorted and 1 ChocNut) before I went to my meeting at The Podium.

With Ken’s passion in cooking gastronomic meals and baking pastries drives him to start his own business.

Even my mom who is Type B diabetic love this Chocnut Cupcake.

Even my mom who has Type B diabetes love this Chocnut Cupcake.

When I took a bite of their cupcakes, I felt like I’m in heaven. My personal favorites are Dulce de Leche, ChocNut, Oreo and Red Velvet flavors. I can’t resist to eat these to-die for cupcakes from Chef Ken’s.

I'm in heaven when I ate these to-die for Dulce de Leche

I’m in heaven when I ate this to-die for Dulce de Leche



Pinoy old favorite chocolate candy in a cupcake-Chocnut Cupcakes


Aside from their yummy cupcakes, they also have Blueberry Cheesecake, Chicken Crepe Lasagna, Spaghetti with Bolognese sauce and Creamy Carbonara.

chef kens-dulce de leche

Chef Ken’s Dulce de Leche…nom nom nom! :)

Your favorite Oreo cookie in a cupcake

Your favorite Oreo cookie in a cupcake


Some of Chef Ken's delectable cupcakes

Some of Chef Ken’s delectable cupcakes

Check out Chef Ken’s official website and Facebook page for the updated menus, and schedule pick-ups.

*Photos courtesy of Chef Ken’s

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