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Crazy over Kalookies


This is what I uttered when I took a bite of Triple K: Kit Kat Minis from Kalookies.



Kalookies was founded by Khalil Kaimo, son of journalist and 700 Club Asia’s anchor Mari Kaimo. Two years ago, he began baking cookies as a hobby.

His fiancée, Arianna loves cookies. Kaimo’s sister-in-law started to order for as a gift for her friends. And with the help of his family and friends, his delectable creations started to spread.


When I ordered a dozen of Triple K: Kit Kat Kalookies via SpeedRegalo, I was excited to taste to-die for cookies.


I love to eat Kit Kat and cookies. And when I found out Kalookies via their Instagram page, I can’t get enough of these mouth-watering cookies.

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Aside from Triple K: Kit Kat Kalookies, they also have Oreolla, Nicolookie, The Pao Special (which he named after his best friend, Paolo Valenciano asked him to make a cookie with Cadbury), and other yummy treats from Kalookies.

For more information about Kalookies: check out their Facebook page, follow Kalookies on Twitter and Instagram. And for those who want to order, check out SpeedRegalo for your online orders.


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